We’re looking for projects for plant breeders without borders

Things are progressing with Plant breeders without borders and we are now looking for potential new projects to work on. You may be able to help Plant breeders without borders out with identifying potential projects. The key selection criteria that we are looking for include:
– A project in a developing or 3rd world country
– Projects on underutilised species
– Smallholder farmer groups that we can do the participatory training with
– A good local partner that can organise the training and then carry on the breeding program when the training is complete
If you have any suggestions please let me know.
The previous model we have used is to do 2-5 days of training smallholder farmers how to do the crossing. In this time we do a market linkage analysis to determine weaknesses in the chain for the seed going from the breeders to the consumer and if breeding can help strengthen this weakness. We then rank a list of traits to breed for from most important to least created by the smallholder farmers. Then we design a breeding program and work out who will do what role, how long it will take and how it will be done. With that plan we can then look for funding to get it started. The breeding program could go from 2-7 years to the final release of the variety. Along the way the germplasm saved and generated will be made freely available through the Crop trust network of germplasm banks. Spread the word and lets see what projects we can find thanks