Plant breeders without borders Pilot project 2 Indonesia 2017

Here we go again with Pilot project 2 for Plant breeders without borders. Today I travel to Bogor University in Indonesia to do training for Plant breeders without borders in Bambara groundnut and indigenous vegetables. This time I have a project sponsor in Bayer. Dr Cory Mills will be joining me in Indonesia to help deliver the training to 30 farmers and university students. The training will go over two days from Monday 15th to Tuesday 16th July. So stay posted to all the happenings with Plant breeders without borders on facebook. Tomorrow we visit the university to plan the training with the staff there and then on the weekend Cory and I will be travelling to the village where the farmers are coming from the do the training, which is about 6 hour away from the university in Sumedang. I will put plenty of photos on the page so you can see what life is like in Indonesia while plant breeding.