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PBWB is working to build a database of plant breeding project with guidance and support from groups such as Crops for the Future and Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). Plant breeders with the appropriate skills will be matched to projects. A student/trainee will also be allocated to a project to allow mentoring and the passing on of plant breeding knowledge. Participatory plant breeding will be the model used to deliver the training to people on the ground, which will include farmers, extension staff and local scientists.

Projects could include the following:

  • Variety development
  • Germplasm collection and preservation
  • Seed multiplication
  • Seed dissemination
  • Market linkages
  • Climate change adaptation

Volunteer Your Time

Do you have a desire to try something new, a desire to make an impact on agriculture in a developing country, or perhaps take a non-traditional holiday? Have you ever thought about what it would be like to develop a breeding program for an underdeveloped plant species, or run a breeding program in a developing country? Then Plant Breeders Without Borders may be just what you are looking for.

The Benefits of Becoming a Volunteer

Support Plant Breeders Without Borders

Plant Breeders Without Borders is looking for partners from around the world that can promote the cause and help get the ball rolling to fund new projects. PBWB is also looking for nomination for projects in developing countries that need plant breeding expertise.

If you, or perhaps someone you know, are interested in serving as “champions” for PBWB, know of a project that needs plant breeders, or are a company that is willing to become a sponsor, please fill out the form below and indicate your areas of interest.

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